Less is more

The phrase 'less is more' was said by the poet Robert Browning.

In many aspects of life, less is more.

The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe adopted this phrase to the world of design.

To do less is to get more, it's called minimalism.

What is the main purpose of your design? Find it and keep it in mind forever.

The rest is unnecessary, remove it.

Even if you think that something is important, there is another that is necessary.

This site is minimalist, but I still have to remove more unnecessary things.

Don't you like the design of this site? Then this article was not for you.


  1. I'm the fan #1 of this approach.

  2. Santiago, thanks for your first comment in this site! I'm very happy!

    And yes, I am a huge fan of minimalism too.